Cinema & Música – Love

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry, 2004

“Y fuimos juntos contemplando el silencio/Buscando una y cientos de veces/Entre el río y el mismísimo mar…”

(Catupecu Machu – Refugio)

A Beutiful Mind, Hon Howard, 2001

“Como la calle que siempre me lleva a ese sitio al que quiero llegar/como ese bar en la carretera en el que me paro a descansar/como esa patria sin bandera en la que me siento libre/me gusta como eres”…

(Jarabe de Palo – me gusta como eres)

Before Sunrise, Richard Linklater, 1995

“Estaba ahí/un misil en mi placard/mi placard/Un modelo para armar/pero nunca para desarmar…”

(Soda Stereo – um misil em mi placard)

A lot like love, Nigel Cole, 2005

“If you want me I’ll be there/A boy to deal with all your problems/But part of the deal/Is for you to feel something…”

(Belle and sebastian -simple things)

Annie Hall, Woddy Allen, 1977

“What’s wrong?/Nothing/Are you sure nothing’s wrong?/Yeah
But you’re sad about something/Yeah/So tell me what/I don’t know…”

(Nada surf- Paper Boats)

As good as it gets, James L. Brooks, 1997

“If I kiss you where it’s sore/Will you feel better, better, better/Will you feel anything at all?”

(Better – Regina Spektor)

Chasing Amy, Kevin Smith, 1997

“Such an ugly thing/Someone so beautiful/And everytime you’re on his side…”

(Naive – The kooks)

Closer, Mike Nichols, 2004

“I know you don’t think you did me wrong/And i can’t stay this mad for long/Keeping a hold of what you just let go/You’re just somebody that i used to know…”

(Eliot Smith – Somebody That I Used To Know)

The Fountain, Daren Aronofsky, 2006

“If there’s no one beside you/ When your soul embarks/Then I’ll follow you into the dark…”

(Death Cab for cutie – I Will Follow You Into The Dark)

Hight Fidelity, Stephen Frears, 2000

“You’re the only thing that I love/It scares me more every day…”

(Snow Patrol, chocolate)

The break-up, Peyton Reed, 2006

“When there is nothing left to burn/You have to set yourself on fire…”

(Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead)

Shopgirl, Anand Tucker, 2005

“But I crumble completely when you cry/It seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye..”

(Artic Monkeys – 505)

Eizabethtown, Cameron Crowe, 2005

“Now he just wants to wake up/Yeah, just to prove it’s a dream/ Cause she’s an angel for sure/But that remains to be seen…”

(The Killers – Under the gun)

Once, John Carney, John Carney

“Wherever you will ever be/You’re never getting rid of me..”

(The National – Lucky you)

Garden State, Zach Braff, 2004

“This lot, this lot have messed you about/ Open your arms and welcome people to your town…”

(Editors, Open your arms)

Estaba ahí/un misil en mi placard/mi placard/Un modelo para armar/pero nunca para desarmar(Soda Stereo – um misil em mi placard)

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